Infinity Bundle: Every Kit & Format, Forever

Infinity Bundle: Every Kit & Format, Forever

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The Infinity Bundle.

Get Access To Everything, Always.

The reality is that most iOS users aren’t locked into one app in particular because each one has its strength and weaknesses. You might like doing drums in one app and melodies in another and recording vocals in another.  We’re no exception. Our workflow varies each day and each app has a different effect on our inspiration. 

With that in mind we’ve thought about how to adequately create a bundle that reflects the unique needs of iOS producers, now and going forward in the future.  With that in mind we created the infinity bundle. 

This bundle is for the iOS Power User.  All kits in every format we make; past, present & future will be available. 

A constant stream of updates will be hitting this bundle as well as early releases and exclusives.  Your infinity Bundle purchase represents your support & love for what we do at ipadbeatmaking. It allows us to keep going and make the required investments to bring you the best sound kits and support on iOS!  We understand this is a huge purchase for iOS users, so our commitment to you is: The current price will go up as more kit releases occur, and never lower, ensuring your investment is ‘sound’! 

This bundle gives you access to every kit we’ve ever made, and will ever make.  In all formats that we make kits in.  As we make kits going forward, they will ALWAYS be added to this bundle.






Disclaimer: This price is introductory, and as more kits become available the price of this bundle will increase!