NanoStudio 2: Trap Kit V2

NanoStudio 2: Trap Kit V2

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PART 2 of the ultimate trap and drill producer kit for NanoStudio 2!  This was put together with the desktop producer converting to iPad in mind.


In slate there’s Over 400 trap and drill genre specific sounds. We’ve painstakingly picked each sound to ensure maximum usability. No filler.  Crisp hi hats, kicks, snares, bongos, and more that are the mainstays of today trap music.  Everything you need to build trap drums is featured here.


On the obsidian side, there's over 100 trap influenced instrument patches!  Bells, Pads, Piano's, Leads, Choirs, Flutes, Plucks & More make obsidian a trap and drill music making powerhouse!  Also still featuring the 808 Engine from Volume 1 but with 75 brand new patches & the all new 808 BLEngine which allows you to blend different parameters and make your own unique 808 patches!  These give you an incredible amount of control of your 808’s in obsidian. This really takes obsidian to another level and makes it feel like an entirely new plug in for trap music.  In all over 90 808's are featured!

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Like volume 1 it also features drums hi hats and FX in obsidian that you can easily play at various pitches.  This is a huge part of trap music today and it’s all at your fingertips!

So to wrap everything up, we’ve got over 400 crisp, high quality sounds in slate.  Over 90 808’s in obsidian with an incredible amount of parameter control so that you can make them you’re own.  And also over 130 instruments such as pianos, pads and leads!!  NEARLY 800 SOUNDS ALTOGETHER!  This is a special curation, years in the making, that has been our secret weapon for Trap Music Production on iOS.