NS2 Slate: BillBoard Drums 1-3

NS2 Slate: BillBoard Drums 1-3

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Billboard Inspired Chart Topping Drums!!

Inspired by Taylor Swift, Arianna Grande, Justin Bieber & more, these drums are the perfect centerpiece for your next Pop Music Productions!  Inspired by Top 200 songs of all genres these drums capture the essence of the BillBoard Charts.

The drums in this collection are versatile & able to be used for Pop, Soft Rock, R&B, and Urban music. 

About this collection:

The BillBoard inspired Drum Collection was Assembled as a total of 12 kits (Each with 32 Sounds) for NanoStudio 2 Slate. The 12 Kits have been broken down into 3 parts. Each with 4 Kits (128 sounds)

This Kit is the 3 Part Collection & includes Kits 1-12 of the 12 Kit Billboard Pop Kit Collection. It has 384 Sounds. 

Compatibility: iPhone & iPad (Requires NanoStudio 2)

Size: 384 Sounds (88 MB)